Agency rules


1. Reservations. Reservations will be considered binding by the Agency upon receipt of a deposit equal to not less than 30% of the total price agreed upon for the entire rental period. In addition to stating the total rental price, the contract specifies the type of accommodation and the weekly amount of rent due. When calculating the exact rental period, the number of days is considered equal to the number of overnight stays. If the accommodation is not made available at the agreed time, the tenant may choose a refund equal to double the deposit or a refund of the deposit plus compensation for any consequent damages, unless an agreement is reached in which different accommodation is provided.

2. Prices. The price includes the accommodation in good condition, with furnishings conforming to the category of the lodgings and the number of occupants, including furniture, cooking utensils, cutlery dishes, stove, refrigerator, blankets and pillows, normal gas consumption, hot and cold water, electricity; taxes and commissions, any minor repairs and maintenance are also included, and will be carried out with the minimum delay. The Agency is responsible for repairs and limited maintenance, unless the cause depends directly on incorrect use of the property by guests. The tenant agrees to use the property with the necessary care and is responsible for any damage caused; anything found to be damaged or out of order should be immediately reported to the Agency. The price does not include: sheets, tablecloths, napkins and linen in general.

3. Availability of accommodations. The accommodations will be made available between 4 pm and 8 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 09 am on the day of departure. Arrivals and departures of other times must be previously agreed upon. If the reserved premises are not occupied by the guest by 8.00 p.m on the day of arrival, without written notification (telegram, fax or e-mail) to the tourist agency, the accommodation will be considered vacant and the tourist agency reserves the right to retain the deposit and demand the possible full balance of payment, even if the accommodation has not been used or to have the lodging at its disposition. No refund is due in the case of delayed arrival or early departure.If the customer is of the opinion that the reserved apartment is not enough clean, he has to communicate it to the tourist agency within one hour from key collection and in any case only on Saturdays within 7.00 p.m.; the tourist agency will verify and quickly readjust the apartment, availability of the personal permitting.

4. Formalities. Before occupying the accommodations the guest must present on identity document and deposit the balance of the amount agreed upon, and must also give the number of persons in his party and their dates of birth etc. Subleases and extra guests are forbidden. Should a greater number of non-occasional guests be noted, the Agency shall have the right to cancel the contract and to claim damages.

5. Deposit. A deposit of 100,00 Euro is usually required to guarantee the condition of the lodgings and the contents which have been inventoried and for the restitution of the keys. If the guest departs outside office hours the deposit will be refunded by postal or bank money order. In accordance with the tourist agency also groups of young people can be accepted. For young group will be requested a deposit of Euro 100 per person. At the reservation the young group have to inform the tourist agency about the age of everyone. Otherwise tourist agency has the right to refuse to hand over the keys and hold the paid deposit as damage for the missed rental of the reserved apartment. Any missing items must be brought to the attention of the Agency by 12 noon on the day following arrival

6. Responsibility. The Agency is not responsible for any missing valuables or cash kept in the lodgings.

7. Cancellations. The Agency will reimburse 50% of the deposit if a cancellation is made by the client at least 30 days prior to the date the rental begins. Cancellations made before the rental begins free the client from any obligation other than the loss of the deposit.

8. Notes. The articles and clauses of these regulations are subject to modification in case of enactment of new regional or national laws; any such modifications may not be contested by the client. Accommodations may not be rented for less than seven days. During the rental period, upon prior request, the Agency may show the lodgings to other potential renters. The apartment house rules must be followed, in particular quiet hours from 1 pm to 4 pm and from 11 pm to 8 am. Animals are not allowed in the lodgings unless otherwise agreed upon. The parking places have in general a maximal length of 4,80 mt, a maximal width of 2,00 mt and a maximal high of 1,70 mt, therefore, if the client has a car with bigger dimensions than the above mentioned, he will personally find a suitable solution, because it is absolutely forbidden to take the parking place of others.